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Scientists from Kiel and Rostock can build on a strong foundation with vibrant transfer networks and exchange between research and interested industrial and business partners. Both universities’ Centres for Entrepreneurship (ZfE) support scientists in every phase of a start-up project. Starting with the evaluation and structuring of ideas and concepts, through to support in the formal and organisational implementation of the business start-up. The University of Rostock Service GmbH and the CAU Innovation GmbH offer decades of experience in the management of research projects and an established network of decision-makers from business and politics. They focus on industrial projects led by University scientists and in particular on increased cooperation with regional industry. Additionally, they support scientists in protecting their inventions and provide information about property rights. 

Centre for Entrepreneurship of Kiel University

Centre for Entrepreneurship of the University of Rostock


The Science and Technology Academy (STA) addresses the growing shortage of qualified experts and promotes the increasing need for technology transfer between companies and the Universities of Kiel and Rostock in the Federal States Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Northern Germany. It is hosted by NINa, the North German Competence Network Nanotechnology.


Within the framework of the STA, highly qualified students of international degree programs in the master’s phase are given a perspective of financing their studies while at the same time being in contact with participating companies. Based on the concept of a dual study program, students receive financing, which minimally includes basic support, through sponsorships from the companies. In return, students commit to working for the companies during the lecture-free periods.

Furthermore, the STA also provides support during the doctoral phase and facilitates partnerships that go well beyond the existing, so-called industrial doctorate.


Some of the Spin-Off Companies founded at the Universities of Kiel or Rostock:

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